A team that’s passionate about your health

We support patients and make medication available at all times for diseases that require specialty treatments, with additional personalized advice from other healthcare professionals, all based on a relationship of total mutual trust.

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We believe that everyone in Quebec has the right to quality health care. Throughout the province we deliver specialty medication kept in stock at all times. Our highly-skilled team is trained to follow the rigorous processes of handling, storing and delivering these uncommon products.

Chabot & Vermette Pharmacy


We make life easier for people suffering from diseases that require specialty treatments, by taking care of their entire pharmacological file, both administratively and with regard to perfectly adapted medication.



To properly care for people, you need to empathise. Through respecting intimacy and differences, we understand that it is up to us to reach out, to listen, and to try our very best to understand.


As health professionals who handle specialty medication designed to treat specific pathologies, our day-to-day is guided by transparency, honesty, and a strong sense of ethics and loyalty. Our responsibilities are daunting, because they are often vital to our patients’ well-being.


Because science and the diseases that affect us are constantly evolving, our minds are perpetually alert. We satisfy our thirst for knowledge through training, research and continuous monitoring of information. It’s not a job…it’s a vocation!

A division of Groupe Sante Expert Network

For over 15 years, the Groupe Santé Expert has been the leader in Quebec in the management of medical clinics, pharmacies and in the distribution of medication for retirement homes. Its team of passionate and experienced professionals stands out thanks to the excellence of the services it offers to the community.

The group provides our pharmacy with cutting-edge expertise in financial and human resources management, as well as legal and technological support, which allows us to focus on what we do best: serving you with care.